The Couch?


“Get Up Off the Couch” is a call to action. It’s largely an initiative of the Cohousing Association of the United States. The idea is to build a grassroots network of cohousing communities, their members, groups, organizations and other individuals who want an alternative way of bridging social and cultural divides plaguing our country today.

 “Liking” a facebook post, ranting, chanting, raving and waving signs at a rally are ways for personal expression, but once the photo-ops have passed and column-inches on some blog post are bygone into an old news cycle, not much social change has happened.

What if we all got off the couch and took time to SHARE with others?

  • Socialize – Get out there
  • Help Out – Lend a hand up
  • Acceptance – All have value as themselves
  • Reach Out – Meet and greet with respect
  • Engagement – Do good, do no harm, be nice

Why is this all a good fit for cohousing and other intentional communities?

Remember the old 1950s TV show, The Adventures of Superman? The narrator told my friends and me to model Superman’s can-do behavior because, “he fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American Way.”

Superman’s “American Way” is based on rugged individualism; cultural divides narrowed by assimilation; and quests for power and control.

Cohousing communities and their members, by definition, are collaborative and do the best they can to put the “self” aside in favor of the good of the whole; inclusive and meet people where they are; and in many cases share a common “higher purpose.” 

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with the “Old American Way,” I think it needs to evolve along with society and one way that can happen is through a collaborative approach.

Get Up Off the Couch happens one person at a time. We’ll profile ways this can happen with the hopes of reaching a tipping point for truth, justice and a “New American Way.”